How My #Klout Won Me a Trip to Vegas

Okay…slightly misleading title there…I haven’t won the trip yet. It should be titled “How My #Klout Might Help Me Win a Trip to Vegas”.  I hope to win soon!  See, @Somegoco has an internal contest currently to see who can achieve the highest Klout metric as of August 31, 2011.  The member with the highest number gets a free trip to Las Vegas!  I’m competing with a worthy opponent for this title, and he is no slouch!  I’m currently (in second place) at a 63 (as of 8/25/2011) and my “Master of Retweets” opponent (in first place) is at 64.  While the difference is small in number, the difference between the two of us, and our approach to social media, is massive.  The differences will be described after August 31 (can’t give away the Colonel’s Recipe quite yet).

When I first checked Klout to see what they thought of my social media presence, my number was at 32.  I immediately took to the socialwaves to learn more about these metrics.  As my blog has noted over the past few weeks, I’ve learned many lessons from all of you and would like to share a little.  I’ve doubled my Klout in this period of time.

1. Absolutely Amplify – Your tweets and posts must be heard and read by many.  You must learn to engage on an exponential level.  Engaging in a manner that is purely linear yield liner results.  Are you engaging dialog with people who present an opportunity for amplification?  You must engage with relevant parties that can help you be explosive. Important!

2. Engage Directly – Make your conversation genuine. Don’t set auto replies for your new followers.  Engage them directly with a thank you and acknowledgement.  In doing so, I’ve met many new sources of information that have been invaluable.

3. Expand Your Network – Talk to new people everyday. And talk to them again the next day. Open your network to new possibilities.  Many of us operate in an isolated chamber where you are engaging people you are already comfortable with.  Break out of that box and talk to others.  Don’t be a wallflower.  (Don’t make unnecessary noise…Noise Annoys…)

4. Amplify – Okay, this one is uber important; therefore it deserves another mention.  How can you travel at the speed of light through the Twitterverse without the ability to amplify?  Learn more about the parties that your’e engaging, understand their networks, and discover relevant areas to participate.

5. Find Your Relevant Stream – Identify the streams and Twitter chats that are relevant to your area or domain of expertise.  Participate, share and discuss.  You might find yourself hopping from one hashtag to another, but eventually, you will find your community and create one in the process.

Playing within this simple system will enable you to grow your Klout score.  It may seem like you’re “gaming the system” but the truth is that the above activities will likely yield relevant and quality points of contact.  For those of you who decry gaming metrics, open up to the idea that engaging this philosophy for a few days might take you into corners of value that you never knew existed.

Engage me on Twitter! My shameless plot to promote viral activity has no bounds!  Tweet me, RT me, reply to me – HELP ME! @nmodali - I want to know more about how you are increasing your Klout!  And I want to go to Vegas! I’ll be sure to write more about my discoveries in the weeks to come. Most of all, I plan on having more fun learning in this space.

BTW, if you’re interested in learning more about Social Analytics, drop me a note.  We can compare notes and chat about fun tools and toys like @Crowdbooster, @Twylah, @Triberr and @Klout!

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