#Klout Hits 60, Now What? #Crowdbooster

My Klout addiction has reached new heights this past week.  I’ve really been trying to drive various types of activity on Twitter and Facebook to effectively increase my Klout. Don’t be misled though…my activity is not all “inorganic” noise.  I’ve managed to meet a ton of smart people and engage in thought provoking streams.  I’ve found people to follow in corners previously unexplored.

My Klout score hit 60 this morning (actually 59.7, but i’ll say 60).  So what am I doing to discover smarter paths to engagement?  Along comes Crowdbooster…according to their intro “Crowdbooster measures how well you are performing on Twitter and Facebook and provides insights that make you more effective.”  I couldn’t help myself – so I signed up and two days later, Crowdbooster started delivering metrics and advice.

Crowdbooster essentially tells me to engage specific followers with high Klout scores.  For the most part, all of my recommendations have been to connect with folks who have recently followed me, and have Klout topics similar to mine (not all that surprising).  I started engaging these folks in dialog and immediately saw quick daily spikes in Klout score.  More importantly, I was finding people that I genuinely wanted to engage in real dialog – people that made sense to me.

The analytics are interesting as well.  The first metric you see, after the list of recommendations delivered, is a graph mapping total tweet impressions by number of retweets.  I was surprised to see that despite my small following of 600, I was seeing impression counts into the 40k and 50k numbers.  I always figured that in theory, I must be hitting those figures, but to see it on a graph and articulated by specific tweet was interesting.

Additional analysis includes follower growth and a listing of influential followers and top retweeters.  All of these were interesting but the recommendations and the analytics graph were the most fun to dig through.

The site offers some other standard functionality you find through other apps like scheduled tweets and url shortening.

I’ve still got invites – tweet me @nmodali for one!

My mission continues down the same path.  I’m interested in engaging meaningful dialog on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook!  Let’s continue to learn more about social influence and what it means in this new world.

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5 Responses to #Klout Hits 60, Now What? #Crowdbooster

  1. I haven’t really spent too much time with Crowdbooster, and I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Klout! Do you find it’s difficult to split your time between looking at the analytics of your social activity, and the actual social activity itself? I find it hard to draw the line and not get sucked in by the analytics without taking my eye off the actual content itself.

    • Neelu Modali says:

      I find a lot of folks who decry the value of Klout and social analytics. The basis is usually similar to your comments Lauren. I started out treating Klout like a game, but have recognized that it does have some value. Clearly, it’s important to focus on the quality of your social activity…and therefore Klout must also address the long term social value that an individual has…not just the activity they logged during the previous day.

    • Ricky Yean says:

      Hi Lauren! I am a huge fan of SimplyZesty. Measurement is actually really hard to translate into actions you can take when you go back and do the actual social activity. We try to put the two together, using analytics inform action. We go out of our way to help recommend steps to take directly from our site. That’s one critical part of what makes us more useful. Would love to talk to you more about it.

      - Ricky
      CEO, Crowdbooster

  2. Ricky Yean says:

    Neelu, thanks so much for the post! Hope to introduce even more intelligent features to help you become more effective at social. Let us know if we can help with anything.

    - Ricky
    CEO, Crowdbooster

  3. Neelu Modali says:

    Ricky, good luck with your efforts and thanks for your post.

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