My Growing #Klout Addiction

I’m having a blast tracking my Klout score!  I login when I get up and check the pop-up window that says “Congratulations, you’re score has improved by…”.  Totally dig this. I don’t know why.  But I’m extremely competitive about it, especially with my pals @KevinFawley, @LewisPoretz and @NaveenK22.  For a person driven by numbers and logic, I’m completely thrilled by a number that has absolutely no definition.  My Klout is currently 57.  The temperature in the room I’m sitting in is 74.  Only one of those numbers has any REAL meaning to me.  Yet, I’m far more concerned about the other…although it’s pretty hot outside right now.

Sometimes I check in earlier than the update…and I’m disappointed to learn that the score has yet to change!  My #Klout addiction is growing by leaps and bounds.  So I grab a cup of #coffee and check the #usguys stream for a bit, brush my teeth, shower/shave, and check again.  After I see my updated score, I usually check back once or twice in the morning again to inquire as to any new topics of influence or +K awards.  Later in the afternoon, I carefully ration out my 5 +Ks for the day.  Then I engage a conversation in the #klout50 or #kloutdebate stream  and hypocritically argue with people about whether a Klout score is even relevant!  Perhaps my next blog post will revolve around the 12 incremental steps required to rid yourself of these habits.

I’m especially happy to report that Klout has deemed me influential about subjects like Las Vegas, Money and Photography.  No one else has ever thought so. Even better, several of my friends and followers have deemed me worthy of a +K in various subjects, though I’m told that the Klout scoring algorithm doesn’t account for this.  But I dig that too.  So I give them a +K in a subject that I don’t really deem them all that influential in either.  I return the favor.

I’ve now connected my Foursquare account to Klout as well.  I’m now furiously checking in whenever I can, trying to one-up my newfound friends.  I just checked in at the Sunoco gas station on the way home a little while ago.  Of course I was just at the traffic light, but who could pass up on the 5 points??

After connecting to Foursquare, within 24 hours, my score went from 57 to 49.  I’m not sure if there was any correlation, but I was distressed when I saw this.  Forget the mortgage payment and family vacation, my thoughts were on this disastrous drop in Klout.  WTF?  I tweeted away and sure enough, 24 hours later, I was back at 57.  Perhaps the Klout folks saw my panic-laden tweets and fixed it?  No idea, but I was relieved.

Why are we so attached to Klout?  Am I the only one?  I don’t think so.  I watch the #klout and #kloutdebate streams.  I see everyone tweeting about their newfound expertise per Klout.  People seem to be experiencing the same thing as me and I suspect they are also checking their score every morning.   Just a month ago, my score was at 37.  I went on a mission to push that score higher and did it through engaging Twitter like I had never done before.

The ramp from 37 to 57 over the past month represents a period where I’ve learned more about social media than ever.  From 37 to 57, I started engaging various streams where knowledge is shared freely.  I found about 300 additional followers, many of whom were from the #usguys world.  I engaged the #kloutdebate weekly and found a few more engaged followers who challenged me.  These past 20 points have represented a wild learning curve…maybe Klout makes sense.  Perhaps Klout is my personal game where I push myself to learn, and my score improves.

I’m on a mission to understand how my continued social immersion will impact my Klout score.  I want to see if the propagation of my intellectual curiosity (i.e. this blog post) will result in an improved Klout score.  So here’s my cheap ploy – engage me, follow me, connect with me, talk to me, argue with me…and learn with me.    I’m measuring some statistics as well and will report my findings. This algorithm can’t be that tough to crack can it??

Watch my Klout score with me –

UPDATE 4 – 7/21/2011 10:46 PM Eastern – So now it’s nearing the end of the day.  How much can I engage to influence where my score lands tmrw?  I also just noted the new tenths decimal point in the scoring – i’m at a 57.6!  But my big window still says 58, and I’ll take it.  Need to get to 60.

UPDATE 3 – 7/21/2011 2:44 PM Eastern – OK, the graph is finally updated as well, so my precise score is actually 57.56, with rounding Klout gives me a 58.  My neurotic cycle for the day has closed.  Time to engage.

UPDATE 2 – 7/21/2011 10:06 AM Eastern – OK, so the wait is over.  Accomplished the basic morning tasks and KAZAAM! My score is now 58.

UPDATE 1 – 7/21/2011 5:41 AM Eastern – This is one of those moments where I’ve logged on first thing, only to note that the score has yet to update.  Will check-in later.  I seem to have picked up about 50 followers in the last 24 hours, an approximately 10% increase.

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3 Responses to My Growing #Klout Addiction

  1. I like using Hootsuite. If you click on anyone’s Gravitar it shows you the Klout right there.

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