How #usguys Helps Me Understand the Power of Twitter

With some guidance and nudging from Kevin Fawley (@kevinfawley) and Lewis Poretz (@lewisporetz), I started fine-tuning my efforts with Twitter and swam in the #usguys stream this past week on Tweetdeck.  The experience was pretty exceptional and really helped mature my understanding of social media.  Watching the flow of information in real-time is truly a treat, and my perceptions were enhanced exponentially.

For those of you who are living in the #usguys space, my thoughts may seem elementary. But for those who are trying to put their hands around Twitter, social media, and the inflection point we’re experiencing, this may be informational.

For those who are utilizing Twitter and simply using the web interface, please take this important step of engaging a tool to curate the data that’s streaming through.  I have been using Tweetdeck, and it allows me to create multiple columns that have specific sorting criteria.  This delivers real-time results to me and allows me to track certain groups or subjects.  My initial approach to Twitter involved logging into the web interface on Safari, Chrome or IE…and watching a single strand of data unfold in front of me.  I often wondered why people would follow thousands of people, since the data stream was singular and difficult to cull.  No so anymore…

On Tuesday evening, I started watching and gradually engaging in the #usguys hashtag.  This group consists of folks that are interested in exchanging ideas and thoughts on social marketing, customer care, social media and all things related.  The beauty of this group is that it consists of people from all walks of industry and life…and substantial seniority at that…but it’s an environment that truly cultivates the mind of people who want to learn.  i.e. There is no dumb question.  It’s a great group of people learning and sharing.

Even more so than the quality of the group itself, the simple act of engaging a Twitter stream helped me better understand the dynamic we are watching unfold.  As my good friend Naveen Krishnamurthy (@naveenk22), Head Egghead at SoMeGo,  said to me the other day, we’re living the Matrix!  Sitting in front of these rapidly populated streams of data gives you a sense of unending possibility. On Wednesday Lewis and Kevin mentioned a couple other hashtags that I might be interested in chatting, and sure enough, I had three or four columns of data flying past my eyes – totally engaged.

For all of you that I talk to via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter about social media, I encourage you to take this simple step to really put your hands around the enormity of Twitter.  Please tell me what you’re finding, learning and getting excited about.  And of course, do what I do – follow these guys – Kevin, Lewis and Naveen.

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3 Responses to How #usguys Helps Me Understand the Power of Twitter

  1. Lewis Poretz says:

    Neelu -

    Glad I be help you learn how to use the streams more effective. Beware = the streams can suck you in…

  2. Neelu Modali says:

    HAH – Kevin, Naveen and I were discussing chatting about social addiction and the therapy service we want to build around it :)

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